Notes and writing

  • Weeknotes 3/15

    Recap of my second week in March. Conferneces, finding inspiration through frustration, learning that digital transformation is a cultural problem (not a technology problem), and traveling to a superbloom 🌸
  • Inclusion, joy, and superpowers

    Our differences are our superpowers: traits that allow us to experience the world in a manner that is special and unique. Through inclusive design, we have the privilege of empowering people to discover their own super powers, to live authentically, and to fully experience the world in radical ways.
    Abstract mural with a rainbow of colors, with two concentric circles flipped 180 degrees, creating a sense of dissonance
  • Design and motherhood

    I've seen others express concern that becoming a parent will negatively affect their career. Certainly, there are examples of toxic companies that only want to hire 20-somethings with no children or worldly commitments (though why anyone would fund leadership with such short-sighted expectations is beyond me). Parenthood teaches you ways of thinking about, reacting to, and experiencing life that you can never understand until you're in it.
  • Weekly Favorites

    Collection of things I read, shared, and bookmarked that you might find interesting
  • Strength in flexibility

    Flexibility, combined with a strong foundation, makes us more resilient. The next time you're facing a tough situation, feeling threatened, or standing your ground, pause. Consider whether flexibility may help you around the conflict.