A product designer with experience building engaging, simple, and accessible products for millions of happy users

📍 Moab, Utah
🏢 Product Manager,

Design is a strategic differentiator

A coworker recently described me as “a designer who knows how to get things built.” My process is rooted in discovery and evaluation, and I see design as a science, not (only) an art.

I believe a design-centered strategy enables companies to communicate more effectively internally, validate and deploy features to market, and create a culture where the best ideas are shared and acted upon.

I work across the entire design process: research, product discovery, execution, experimentation, usability testing, client success, and evaluation. I don't consider my designs successful until I can demonstrate that it created value or solved a real need.

Currently I am the Product Manager for Enterprise at Degreed. Previously, I led product design at HackerRank, where I designed, built, and owned our product system and front-end pattern library.

Before that, I was a freelancer working with startups and small businesses around the world. On the side, I mentor junior designers through Design Lab and Out of Office Hours. You'll also find me hiking, rafting, camping, and exploring the desert southwest, which I am lucky to call home.