Design is intentional.
Design with intention.

I’m a designer focused on creating a powerful attachment between people and digital products in a way that solves human needs while meeting business objectives.

Our experiences with products are shaped by our personal lives, company culture, physical abilities, and many more influences beyond the product itself. Before someone even touches an app or website, and well after they close it, 1000 things might happen that impact their relationship to what we design. Good design depends on our intimate understanding of the people using it, the institutional structures that govern them, and the business opportunities to implement long-term improvements to their lives.

I believe a design-centered strategy enables companies to communicate better internally, validate and deploy features to market efficiently, and create a culture where the best ideas are shared and acted upon. I facilitate collaboration with other disciplines and stakeholders to elevate the value of design and the strength of our solutions.

Featured writing

  • Design and motherhood

    When I was growing up, I didn’t dream about becoming a designer. I enjoyed creating, exploring, communicating, but I always figured I would settle on a more conventional career. To be honest, I don’t remember having a strong conviction to be a mother either. Yet here I am. I became a mom around the time […]
  • Weekly Favorites: 1

    The woman who gave the macintosh a smile Susan Kare, the woman behind the original Macintosh iconography, is being awarded the AIGA medal today for her contributions to design. With our endless set of advanced design tools that allow us to manipulate pixels on the screen as if they were real, fluid things, her work […]
  • Strength in flexibility

    Living with 2 rowdy toddlers and 2 even rowdier pups, I’ve developed an unconscious habit of softening my knees anytime they are horsing around. I’ve only recently become self-aware of this. If I’m standing around chatting and a child goes flying by, my immediate instinct is to widen my stance and relax my knees without […]
  • Designing for Humans

    There is a growing trend throughout the web community to embrace an understanding of behavioral science, and to apply its tenets to our designs. This progress helps us walk the delicate balance between providing an emotional and pleasurable experience for our users and communicating content and information through clear, intuitive patterns. When the web was […]
  • A willingness to fail

    What is it about our culture that some people are so keen to fail while others aren’t? The ability to cast off from the shore with the full ability that you may sink is a trait many envy. I envy it. In Silicon Valley, failure has become somewhat of a badge of honor. A startup […]