Custom website and ecommerce shop for Triassic Stone

Role: Design, project management front-end development


I was so excited when the owners of Triassic Stone asked me to redesign their website and help them launch an e-commerce shop. Part of what excited me was how they wanted to tell their story, creating a site that showcased their talents and could grow with them. The owners brought strong opinions about design and aesthetic to the table, and we worked closely to invoke their brand. I helped them design and build a personal site and shop that reflects their story, their values, and most importantly the handcrafted care and distinct style that defines them.


The owners of Triassic had just opened a new store downtown and were ready to move on from their Etsy shop to their own ecommerce site. Initially I realized this project would be different than other sites I had worked on, since the owners were designers themselves and had great ideas on how their site should look.

I started by walking the owners through a series of exercises to define the site’s goals and content architecture. This paid off ten-fold in efficiency when we were able to quickly and uniformly construct all of the pieces of the site into a coherent visual language. Defining the content structure early was key. I knew I would need to create a set of pre-defined building blocks to give them full ownership over their impressive portfolio and set them up to grow.

I wireframed the entire site with their existing content in mind to be a starting point for discussions on layout and interaction.

Crafting a design language

At the start of the project, I created a private board on Pinterest and asked Triassic’s owners to add images or websites that inspired them–those that they felt best represented their brand and their values. The links they shared reflected a definitive mood: the burls of aged wood and working hands, saturated, earthy palettes and crisp industrial lines.

...burls of aged wood and working hands, saturated, earthy palettes and crisp industrial lines.

We uncovered a warm palette of navy, red, gold, and cool grays. As the color scheme invoked a mood that was both rich and understated, we also sought out a typographic pairing that could be at the same time refined and comfortable. After exploring several combinations, the strong forms of Adriane stood out as a perfect compliment to the casual but refined feel of Brandon Grotesque. Proxima Nova Condensed is used sparingly in navigation.

A flexible framework

We entered this project knowing that it was only the start of a much grander vision. Triassic’s business and reputation is growing quickly, and their website needed to be built to scale with it.

Our reason for choosing Wordpress over other CMS alternatives was the flexibility it offers through custom post types, multiple templates, and advanced plugin functionality. Each page, including the design galleries, was structured to allow Triassic total control over their content moving forward.

By focusing my design on creating flexible, modular elements instead of fixed layouts, we ensured that the site’s rhythm remained consistent throughout. It also allowed us to easily manipulate the content for a useful experience on smaller devices.