Design and development for our wedding site

Role: Design, project management front-end development


Setting the Mood

Collecting inspiration from our desert surroundings and the region’s cultural heritage, we crafted a simple site to welcome visitors to the area and to the event. The site prominently featured custom illustrations and photography of the rich landscape, and perfectly reflected the mood we wanted to set for the celebration.

Moab is a world-class destination in the middle of nowhere. It was important to us throughout the wedding materials that we reflected the scenery, colors, and mood of the place we are lucky to call home.

While the content for this small site came together quickly (the benefit of working for yourself), the visuals were more tricky to come by. How do you contain such an immense and beautiful landscape and history in one site? I mood-boarded (and mood-boarded, and mood-boarded) until we finally struck the perfect tone.

Simple but strong

Even a simple, personal site requires substantial consideration for usability. Knowing our visitors intimately, I was aware of the following constraints:

  • People would be viewing this site on their mobile device on the way into town as they searched for their hotels.
  • This site would search as a resource base for the region, not just for the wedding. Information needed to be clearly set out and easily accessible.
  • Let’s face it, it’s a wedding micro site. The simpler the better - all info needed to be quickly scannable and discoverable.
  • Mom loves sharing photos of us.

A touch of personality

As a final touch, I designed several simple icons and patterns that we used throughout the wedding materials. Rich in the sage green, sandstone red, and river blue that inspired us, they add a bit of personality and tied the whole package together.