Design is intentional.
Design with intention.

As a design and product leader, I’ve helped scale multiple products to millions of users and across a global, enterprise-level customer base. I have a track record of working well with partners across disciplines and across the business on aligning strategy and vision, and have held a prominent, customer-facing role for several years.

photo of me, Emily Campbell
photo of me, Emily Campbell

My beliefs

A design-centered strategy enables companies to communicate better internally, validate and deploy features to market efficiently, and create a culture where the best ideas are shared and acted upon. I facilitate collaboration with other disciplines and stakeholders to elevate the value of design and the strength of our solutions.

Let's get over this mantra of ‘everyone is a designer.’ Everyone is capable of thinking creatively, and everyone in some measure effects the customer experience. Therefore, we should be aligned about what we want that experience to be.

Our experiences with products and spaces are shaped by our personal lives, company culture, physical abilities, and many more influences beyond the thing itself. Before someone even touches an app or website, and well after they close it, 1000 things might happen that impact their relationship to what we design. Good design depends on our intimate understanding of the people using it, the institutional structures that govern them, and the business opportunities to implement long-term improvements to their lives.

Most business problems are design problems. Why wouldn't creativity be a business skill?

Some background

My degree is in Economics. This might seem strange for a designer, but it aligns well in my experience. Some things I practice:

  • Look to data for trends, but validate with qualitative observation;
  • Use models to explore and communicate concepts, but don’t forget to account for edge cases and outside influence;
  • Remember that humans are often irrational but trend toward normality over time and in numbers.

Currently, I am a senior design specialist on the design transformation team at InVision where I work directly with design leaders and teams across 97% of the Fortune 100 to level-up their practical maturity and increase their impact and influence within the business.

Previously, I was enterprise design lead and (later) product manager at Degreed, and lead design at HackerRank. On the side, I mentor junior designers through Design Lab and Out of Office Hours. You'll also find me praticing yoga, meditating, raising my wonderful kids, and exploring the desert southwest, which I am lucky to call home.

photo of me, Emily Campbell

Get in touch

You can email me at anytime, though you'll get a response faster by DMing me @elou on Twitter.

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