photo of me, Emily Campbell

Hi, I’m Emily

I'm a senior product designer with experience building consumer and enterprise products for millions of users.

A coworker recently described me as “a designer who knows how to get things built.” I pride myself on my ability to collaborate with stakeholders, developers, product managers, and designers to identify problems, create a seamless experience for our users, and to make learning and iterating a key part of the product development process.

Currently I am the Design Lead Product Manager for Enterprise at Degreed. Previously, I led product design at HackerRank, where I designed, built, and owned our product system and front-end pattern library.* Before that, I was a freelancer working with startups and small businesses around the world.

On the side, I mentor junior designers through Design Lab and Out of Office Hours. You'll also find me hiking, rafting, camping, and exploring the desert southwest, which I am lucky to call home.

I enjoy problem solving and see product design as a science, not an art. I make liberal use of qualitative research and metrics analysis, but think that nothing replaces sitting down and talking to someone about their experience using your product. I believe we have an ethical responsibility to account for diversity, accessibility, and edge cases in our work. Essentially, I strive to build products for all people and encourage others to do the same.

* Yes, I think designers should code (even if only a little). I write HTML, CSS, processed with SCSS, and some javascript/Jquery

Find me elsewhere

You can email me at anytime, though you'll get a response faster by DMing me @elou on Twitter. I share work in progress when I can on Dribbble. While I'm trying to post more frequently on this site, I sometimes post longer (more polished) essays on Medium. And if you want to see what I'm learning or finding interesting lately, follow me on Degreed.

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