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What do top UI designers do differently?👉

Yesterday, I was asked to answer a question on Quora: What do the top 1% of user interface designers do differently than the other 99%? I think the original poster was assuming that the top eschelon of UI designers use different tools or techniques in their practice. However, I see expert UI design differently. Those designers […]

“Designer”: It’s what you do, not what you’re called👉

As designers, we spend far too much time analyzing how to refer to ourselves. “Product designer, UX/UI designer, visual designer, full-stack designer, lead designer of products”…do any of these really tell you about the person behind the title? If you saw a resume with one of these titles at the top, would it shape your […]

This Designer’s Toolbox👉

If you ask any web designer or front-end developer what tools they use regularly, the answers will most likely include Photoshop, Illustrator, or another program out of the Adobe Suite; a text editor (I prefer Coda); some sort of color picking tool; maybe a screenshot clipper… Outside of these regulars, however, you often don’t hear […]