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Designing for HumansπŸ‘‰

There is a growing trend throughout the web community to embrace an understanding of behavioral science, and to apply its tenets to our designs. This progress helps us walk the delicate balance between providing an emotional and pleasurable experience for our users and communicating content and information through clear, intuitive patterns. When the web was […]

Empathetic Design is Honest DesignπŸ‘‰

Content first. User experience design. These terms are tossed around daily by eager commentators. The new trend of “flat design” has been founded on the premise that realistic elements on a web page diminish the experience for the user by presenting a dishonest representation of what the page presents: digital content. Or, as opined by […]

This Designer’s ToolboxπŸ‘‰

If you ask any web designer or front-end developer what tools they use regularly, the answers will most likely include Photoshop, Illustrator, or another program out of the Adobe Suite; a text editor (I prefer Coda); some sort of color picking tool; maybe a screenshot clipper… Outside of these regulars, however, you often don’t hear […]